Who We Are

VetStrong is a San Antonio based Non-Profit Organization dedicated to supporting homeless veterans and their families through providing home furnishings to those in need.

We are located and operate in the greater San Antonio metropolitan area, providing direct service to those in need. We are an all volunteer board and committee organization, and all the efforts made are by our individual volunteer network, as well as other veteran, corporate, and philanthropic organizations that lend us a hand on our weekend delivery and pick ups of furnishings. 

Furniture Donation Program

For many disabled or homeless veterans, a new dwelling provided by other veterans services in many cases isn’t enough to bring about pride in ownership. Walking into a near empty house, void of furnishings, can be as depressing as not having a home at all. VetStrong takes in all manner of new or near new, usable household furniture and provides vetted candidates with furnishings to make a house feel more like a home.

Peer to Peer Program

Speaking to someone during difficult situations is often all we need to redirect onto a positive path. Whether it be a addiction, relationship concerns, loss of loved ones or thoughts of death our peer support specialists will listen, provide resources for further assistance if needed and help identify ways to better handle what you are going through. Reach out and let’s talk.

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